Understanding Graphic Design Course Fees for Design Aspirants (2024)

Aspiring graphic designers often face a major hurdle: Graphic design course fees. Choosing a graphic design college that is budget-friendly is very crucial. With businesses increasingly prioritizing visual communication, career options for graphic designers are growing exponentially. Choosing the right college and evaluating the advantages of graphic design, empowers you to explore diverse opportunities and carve your unique path in the design world.

When searching for graphic design courses in bangalore, many students look first at the costs. But cheaper costs do not always translate into better value. Checking other factors is also advised, such as the availability of internships, industry-focused courses, and excellent instructors. These better mold your abilities to land a job. Payments are significant.

However, expensive tuition may be justified if the college equips you with career-ready skills. Prioritize your evaluation of course quality over cost when making a decision. Check if the course and college will help you achieve your goal of becoming a successful graphic designer.

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What Goes into Graphic Design Course Fees?

Understanding Graphic Design Course Fees for Design Aspirants (1)
  • Tuition fees: Tuition is a substantial outlay. This is used for paying teachers, creating lesson plans, handling administrative tasks, and purchasing supplies for the classroom.
  • Material costs: When sketching designs, students should budget for supplies like sketchbooks, art pens, pencils, and specialty paper.
  • Requirements for software and hardware: In graphic design, technology is essential. Expenses can be increased by using programs like Adobe Creative Cloud and sophisticated computers. Certain schools provide tech packages or discounts.

Factors Influencing Graphic Design Course Fees

Course duration

Tuition prices are influenced by a graphic design program’s duration. While longer degree programs last 2-4 years and cost up to a couple of lakhs, shorter certificate courses start at a few tens of thousands. Accelerated programs to learn graphic design, usually have higher costs per credit than full-time degrees.

Colleges Public vs. private

Since public universities receive funding from the state, their tuition for graphic design is less than that of private schools.While private colleges may charge more, they might also provide smaller class sizes, more specialized coursework, and access to modern technology. Opportunities for financial aid can help defray costs.

Institute location:

A graphic design school’s location affects the cost of its programs. To offset operating expenses, urban institutes in desirable real estate districts charge higher tuition.The costs of campuses in rural areas are lower. Geographic variations also exist in the cost of living expenses, such as housing and transportation.

Facilities and instructor caliber:

While program costs are higher, contemporary computer labs, media studios, printing presses, etc. offer first-rate practical instruction.Well-known instructors with a wealth of business experience are in high demand. More resources allow schools to support cutting-edge design technology like 3D printing and innovative curricula.

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Questions to Ask Colleges About Graphic Design Course Fees

Understanding Graphic Design Course Fees for Design Aspirants (2)

What is included in the cost of the course?

Find out what costs such as textbooks, technology, printing credits, software licenses, etc. are included in the tuition. Find out if there are any additional expenses, such as studio fees or course materials. Enquire on the benefits of studying graphic design with them.

What are the opportunities for scholarships?

Find out what grants and scholarships are available based on your qualifications, merit, or financial need. To maximize funding options, enquire about application requirements and deadlines.

What are the policies for refunds?

Recognize the policies regarding refunds if you decide to drop a course or end a program early. Establish deadlines and a refund percentage to ensure flexibility in the event of schedule modifications.

What are the available plans for payments and loans?

Talk about your payment options, such as government/private loans, deferral plans, and monthly installments. Examine the terms of repayment and interest rates. Applying for funding to pay for graphic design fees is assisted by certain colleges.

Choose Value, Not Just Affordability

Check for the scope and trends of Graphic Design. Success in the expanding field of specialization requires precise training. Check more than just the fees. Examine if a college provides the fundamental skills that today’s employers require by using sufficient exposure to the industry. Look for programs that emphasize competency. Assessing these shows preparedness for a career.

For those aspiring to design, skills-based experiential learning offers better employment prospects than making rash financial decisions when opportunities arise.Explore the entire scope of graphic design to pick a course of your choice.Select training tailored to your target industry rather than generic options that chase low course sticker prices. A perfect college balances affordability with merit.

Here are the Top Graphic Design Colleges in Bangalore

Understanding Graphic Design Course Fees for Design Aspirants (3)

1. Animaster

Animaster Design College is widely known for providing top-notch graphic design education. Since its founding more than 20 years ago, it has continuously turned out elite talent that advances the graphic design sector. Animaster is proud of its esteemed partnership with Bangalore Central University, an esteemed establishment recognized for its rigorous academic standards.

Students can study for a UGC-recognized bachelor’s degree in graphic design at Animaster. Students who complete this extensive 4-year program will have all the artistic vision and technical know-how needed to succeed as professional designers. The entire graphic design process, from conception to finished product, is covered in the curriculum.

Digital animation techniques, 3D modeling, character design, storyboarding, visual effects, and motion graphics are among the core areas of study in the graphic design classes in Bangalore. Students get practical experience with software and workflows that are used in the industry. Animaster lays emphasis on the importance of drawing in graphic design. Renowned animators teach in the faculty, bringing their practical experience to the classroom.

Animaster develops a solid foundation in art and technology while fostering creativity through small class sizes and individualized mentoring. This makes its graduates very marketable in a variety of industries, including advertising, gaming, television, and film.

Courses with Duration:

  • University BVA eq. BSc Degree in Graphic Design (4 years)
  • Univeristy BVA eq. BSc Visual Communication (3 years)
  • University Diploma in Graphic Design (2 years)
  • University Certificate in Graphic Design (1 year)
  • Animaster Certified Courses
  • Online Graphic Design Course with Certificate

Graphic Design Course Fees

Rs. 40,000/- (including GST) is the cost of the course.

Rs. 1,00,000/- per Year is the cost of the Degree in Graphic Design

2. AND Academy

AND Academy leads design and animation education in South India with industry-focused courses taught by experts.

Under the direction of well-known animator Thomas Kodiyan, AND in Trivandrum develops talent for the entertainment industry by providing access to state-of-the-art facilities and tools.

Under the direction of top studios’ international faculty, students learn the latest animation and visual effects technologies such as ZBrush, Nuke, and ToonBoom. For decades, AND has shaped creative professionals with a focus on gaming, film, and media giants through hands-on training.

Courses with Duration:

  • Certificate Graphic Design (16 weeks)
  • Diploma in Graphic Design (32 weeks)
  • PG Diploma in Graphic Design (1 year)
  • PG Diploma in Graphic Design (36 weeks)

Graphic Design Fees:

  • PG Diploma in Graphic Design (Part-Time)
    • Course Fee: INR 1,80,000 + GST
  • PG Diploma in Graphic Design (Full-Time)
    • Course Fee: INR 2,20,000 + GST

3. Zica

Zica readies design aspirants for creative careers through industry-linked communication programs spanning UG, and PG levels. Spread across Jaipur and Bangalore campuses, options range from Advertising, and UI/UX Design to Photography – steering students into branding, entertainment, and digital sectors.

With a practical curriculum powered by professionals actively engaged with leading ad agencies and production firms, Zica focuses sharply on hands-on employability.

Notable is their AICTE-approved degree in Graphic Design and Advertising tailored for brand communication domains while pegging program fees nominally to aid affordability.


  • Design & Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Gaming
  • Web Designing

Graphic Design Course Fees:

The price of the course is INR 1,18,000 (GST included).

  1. National Institute of Design

Since its founding in 1961, NID has developed over 13,500 professionals in strategic domains across its campuses in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Bengaluru thanks to its research-focused ecosystem.

Throughout the entire program, NID’s 4-year Graphic, Furniture & Interior Design degree strikes an affordable balance.

Equipped with cutting-edge design thinking ideas combined with handcrafted artistry and real-world experience, NID’s programs ignite creative expression in the HSMC, mobility and sustainability tracks, igniting India’s future.


  • Bachelor Of Design (B.Des.) (4 years)
  • Master Of Design (M.Des.) (2.5 years)
  • Ph.D. (3 years)

Graphic Design course Fees:

  • B.DES : 15 lakhs
  • Master Of Design (M.Des) : 11 lakhs
  • Ph.D : 11 lakhs


Apart from value, when you are judging the graphic design course fees consider its overall price too. Significant variables relate to post-graduation career options, network and nature of education.

Ask about the curriculum, faculty qualifications, internship opportunities, and successful past students from your target colleges. The most suitable is to pick a reputable organization that possesses an excellent reputation for delivering quality graphic arts training.

With this calculated approach, you can rest assured that the amount of money is being invested properly into a program that will provide your platform to start building up a creative career.


Q1. Can I learn graphic design in 3 months?

Ans. While ability is important, taking short-term graphic design courses for about ₹2,000–₹10,000 that focus on important software like Illustrator, Photoshop and other programs can help you gain beginner to intermediate graphic design skills in 3 months. While building a strong graphic design foundation in just 3 months is challenging, you need to dedicate several hours a day towards strengthening your skills. Immersive programs, online courses, or dedicated self-study with the right resources can equip you with the skills to build a portfolio showcasing your initial potential. Remember, graphic design is a journey, and consistent learning will help you refine your skills and reach your full potential.

Q2. Why is graphic design expensive?

Ans. Along with the creative ideation and technological know-how that fetch high prices, graphic design requires the experience necessary for visual communication and ROI-generating branding. This price reflects the combined value of expertise, time and resources invested. Skilled designers bring years of training, creative thinking and technical proficiency to your project. Their time spent understanding your needs, crafting designs, and refining revisions adds up. Additionally, software subscriptions, hardware upkeep, and professional development contribute to the cost.

Q3. What is Graphic Design course duration and fees?

Ans. While shorter certificates can cost between ₹5000 and 50,000 per year, depending on their scope, full-time design degrees take three to four years and cost between ₹1 and 5 lakhs annually. Consider factors like program intensity, location, institution type and specialization. Research individual colleges for specific durations and fee details. Remember, investing in the right program based on your career goals and budget is crucial to determine the right graphic design course fees suitable to you.

Q4. Which are the Graphic design courses free with a certificate?

Ans. Free online certificates are available for introductory graphic design courses from a few reputable sources, including Canva Design School, Alison, Udemy and Shaw Academy. Acquire certifications by completing easy tasks. While truly comprehensive graphic design programs with certification are often not entirely free, you have great options! Also, explore free online courses, workshops and tutorials from reputable sources like universities, design platforms and professional organizations. You can gain valuable skills and even earn completion certificates to kickstart your journey. Remember, consistent learning and portfolio building are key, and sometimes the best investment is your dedication and effort.

Q5. How are design fees calculated?

Ans. The cost of graphic design services depends on the designer’s performance, expertise, the complexity of work, real time spent, and the intended results be it branding or merely personal or educational purposes. Design fees depend on a few key factors: time invested, project complexity and designer experience. Think of it like this: the more complex your project and the more experienced the designer, the higher the estimated time and expertise needed, affecting the overall fee. Remember, clear communication about your project goals and budget helps designers provide accurate estimates and ensures a smooth collaboration.

Q6. How many hours do graphic designers work?

Ans. The general duration of graphic designer hours spent on the job is 30-45 a week with additional working hours when time-limited deadlines call. However, there is some room for flexibility when it comes to the working day schedule. Full-time positions often average 40 hours, but freelance schedules can be more flexible, depending on workload and client demands. Tight deadlines or complex projects might require extra hours, while efficient planning and time management can lead to a healthy work-life balance. Remember, passion and adaptability are key in this dynamic field.

Q7. What is the income of a graphic designer?

Ans. For junior designers e.g. ₹ 20,000- ₹50,000 per month is considered to be a normal range, and professionals are in high demand, compared to skills, size of the company and responsibilities are factors that influence the pay. The income of a graphic designer varies significantly based on several factors like experience, location, specialization, and work structure (freelance vs. agency). Entry-level salaries might start around ₹3-4 lakhs, while experienced professionals can reach ₹8-10 lakhs or even higher. Building a strong portfolio, specializing in high-demand areas and negotiating effectively can boost your earning potential. Remember, success in graphic design depends more on your passion, skills and hustle than a guaranteed income bracket.

Q8. How much should I charge for logo design in India?

Ans. For India`s startups and small businesses competitive logo design rates are from ₹5,000 to ₹15,000 – depending on chosen options amongst concept, revisions, and rights. Determining your logo design fee in India depends on multiple factors: experience, project complexity, client type, and market rates. While rates can range from ₹500-₹10,000+, consider including factors like revisions, usage rights and branding materials if offered. Researching competitor rates and your local market is crucial. Remember, your skill level, design quality, and value proposition should justify your pricing. Start with competitive base rates and adjust based on project specifics and negotiation.

Understanding Graphic Design Course Fees for Design Aspirants (2024)


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