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Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Mills Veterinary Carein Browns Mills! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

Please call us at609-735-6160to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!

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    Dr. Aimee Kompel


    Dr. Aimee Kompel graduated from the The University of London’s Royal Veterinary College located in England in November 2004. She worked as an associate veterinarian in New Jersey until she decided to open her own practice in September 2016. Dr. Kompel enjoys practicing general veterinary medicine and surgery, especially with her dedicated and caring team who are always looking to improve their clinical knowledge and skills.

    Since starting her new adventure as a practice owner Dr. Kompel has been quite busy. However, in her spare time she enjoys traveling and simple activities such as baking. Her favorite pastime is curling up in bed with her Kindle e-reader whilst surrounded by her three dogs, Hendon, Bromley and Finchley , and at least 2 or 3 of her cats.

    Education: DVM/MRCVS
    Hometown: Originally from Emerson NJ
    Pets: Dogs= Hendon, Bromley & Finchley Cats=Sophie, Clark, Sabras, Tegan, Hobbs, Pita, and Shai

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    Practice Manager/ Hospital Technician


    Hi, my name is Robin and I’ve been asked to share a little bit about myself with you for the bio section of our new and improved website! So here goes..
    Prior to Mills Veterinary Care, LLC., I had the wonderful opportunity to work with, and learn from, Dr. Kompel in a previous veterinary hospital. I was there for over 7 years, starting as kennel help and working my way up to Technical Supervisor before leaving. At that point, the care and well being of animals had become my lifes’ passion, so I decided to further my understanding of them by taking and completing Animal Behavior College’s Canine Training Program. Followed by further continuing education on other aspects such as feline behavior, canine behavior and dealing with shelter animals.

    I currently reside in Browns Mills, NJ with my husband, our 2 daughters and a few fur-babies of our own. Growing up an Army brat, we traveled all over the world, until my family was stationed at Fort Dix in 1993. Graduating from Pemberton Township High School class of 1995. Staying in the area and starting a family of my own. I am happy to be a part of, and have strong roots in such a wonderful community.
    All of these things have lead me to where I am…Here! Here at Mills Veterinary Care for you and your pets. Compassion, understanding and being non-judgemental are areas I strive to excel in. I believe we all want what’s best for our pets, we just don’t always know what that is or how to obtain it. And the world is full of misinformation! So please feel free to talk to us about any questions or concerns you may be having, I’d love to be part of both your and your pets life!

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    Taylor (Idgie)

    Hospital Supervisor/Technician

    Hi I’m Taylor!! A lot of you may already know me as IDGIE. I started with Dr. Kompel in April 2017, over the years I have gone from receptionist to assistant and now to Tech. I plan on going back to school to become an officially certified technician. Even though I don’t get a lot of face to face time with clients anymore, I love still being able to interact with all of our furry patients. I look forward to what the future holds for me in the veterinarian field.

    I share my heart and home with my dog Stiles and 3 cats: Dahlia, Boone and Laurel.

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    Hospital Assistant

    Hello! My name is Crystal, and I stared off as an intern here in 2017 after graduating high school as a CVA. Currently, I attend Camden County College and am on track to becoming a CVT. My hope for the future is to become a veterinarian, and I will have Mills Vet Care to thank for giving mw the much needed experience. I’m always in the exam rooms helping Doc, Robin, or whoever calls my name first. At home I enjoy my personal zoo which includes 7 reptiles, 4 dogs, 2 birds, 2 sugar gliders, a hedgehog, and a tarantula.

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    Hospital Assistant

    Hi, I’m Megan! Before starting at Mills, I was a dog groomer for about 2 years. My husband is in the military, so my 4 kids and I have spent a lot of time traveling, and experiencing different walks of life from Pennsylvania, to California. After moving back to New Jersey, I was looking for a new opportunity, and wanted to pursue my passion in becoming a CVT. In August 2021, I started working for Dr. Kompel as a receptionist, and in the past few months I have been helping in assistant/technician work. You might find me in the exam room helping doc, at the front desk answering phones, or in the treatment area running tests. On my days off, I enjoy relaxing at the beach or spending time in the backyard with my 4 dogs (Astro, Bentley, Ember, and Rayder). While I had to put my technician education on pause, I’m still as eager as ever to care for your pets, and experience all that the veterinary world has to offer me!

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    Hospital Receptionist

    Hi, I’m Erin! I moved to the area in early 2021, and started working at Mills just a few months later. I have around 3 years of veterinary experience, having worked at other animal hospitals and boarding facilities around New Jersey. Even before (and sometimes during the times) I was able to work, I would do any dog-sitting/walking gigs that my friends, family, or neighbors asked of me. I admire the hard work of Dr. Kompel and the girls, though I’m most comfortable at the front desk to greet you and your pets. While there’s lots of room for furry friends in my heart, there’s not so much room in my home. Growing up, we always had at least one dog in the house. Back in November, my boyfriend and I rescued our first dog together from a shelter in Pennsylvania– a 2-year-old pitbull named Butch- and we are so happy to have him! Although I would love to welcome another dog into our home, I’m just as pleased to provide for our patients, and care for them as if they were my own.

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    Hospital Receptionist/Assistant


  • Analise

    Hospital Receptionist


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Meet the staff | Veterinarian in Browns Mills | Mills Veterinary Care (2024)


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